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Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit

The unique way, how to step-by-step lose weight and achieve your better figure in the course of 29 days* Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Pack - Complete Nutritional Support

Xyngular is about changing lives, and with the Ultimate Transformation Kit that change can start today! No other kit offers all of Xyngular’s transformation products, each with a unique ability to target common health concerns. Together, these products can help promote balanced energy*, healthy weight loss*, and overall wellness*. When you take these products, follow the Xyngular Healthy Plate, and begin to move more, then you can have a strong foundation to truly transform your health and transform yourself.

There are dozens of weight-loss programs out there, which require 60, 90 or up to 120 days to complete. Many of them are too drastic and are barely effective. Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Pack can show you the right and optimal path for losing weight* without the need for various radical diets. It is basically an improved Ignite Fat Burning Kit which can cleanse you* and rid you of excessive pounds while dieting*. The basic of the slimming process is to cleanse the organism thoroughly, start up and speed the metabolism, and of course adequate and healthy nourishment, which is necessary for the right function of the cells. By merging these three rules your body can be ready for perfect transformation, of which you will be pleased*.

What you can expect with the Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit: Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit - Complete Nutritional Support

Short Term

Long Term

Increases in General Health * Sustainable Health *
Healthier Energy Levels * Healthy Aging *
Improved Immunity * Healthy Metabolism *
Improved Physical and Mental Performance *  

Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Pack May Help:

  • Suppress the appetite *
  • Increase energy, strength and endurance *
  • Supply the energy after increased physical activity *
  • Improve the concentration *
  • Decrease tiredness *
  • Detoxify the organism *
  • Support the development of muscles and bones *
  • Provide maximal energy *
  • Accelerate the metabolism and support digestion *
  • Heal the skin and add vitality to it *
  • Reduce consumed calories *
  • Prevent various sicknesses, ailments, and infections *
  • Contain the extracts from as many as 20 sorts of fruit *
  • Induce the feeling of being full *
  • And much more > Advantage of all included products *

Included Products In The Ultimate Transformation Pack:

  • Super Fruit Global Blend Classic - Supply the body with various fruits and nutrients for optimal health * >> Read more
  • Super Fruit Global Blend New - A delicious fruit blend with the powerful anti-inflammatories AloeVera and xanthones * >> Read more
  • Core4 Accelerate - Accelerate the process of fat burn and can help reduce the weight * >> Read more
  • Core4 Cheat+ - Consume your favorite meal with reduced calories * >> Read more
  • Core4 Lean (2x)- Achieve slim figure and supply the body with a sufficient amount of necessary nutrients * >> Read more
  • Core4 Flush - Clean the colon and detoxify the organism * >> Read more
  • Xyng - Boost your energy, suppress your appetite and bring about positive mental energy * >> Read more
  • Axion - Vitamins, minerals, whole foods and enzymes with sustained release formula * >> Read more
  • Spryng - Sustained energy boost, psychical performance increase and hydration * >> Read More
  • Xypstix - Instant drink which can help sustain the body in active and healthy form * >> Read More
  • Xr2 - Support your relaxation with natural compounds without the feeling of exhaustion* >> Read More
  • Shaker Cup

How To Take Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit

In the attached brochure there is an exact description how to consume the individual products correctly. This will guide you how to achieve as best results as possible.

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers of Xyngular products. The results are not guaranteed! Consult your physician before using any product.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Ultimate Transformation w/
Global Blend Classic

Contains the products you need to complete an Ultimate Transformation cycle; Accelerate, Cheat +, Lean, Flush, Super Fruit Global Blend Classic, Axion and Xyng.
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Ultimate Transformation w/
Global Blend New

Contains the products you need to complete an Ultimate Transformation cycle; Accelerate, Cheat +, Lean, Flush, Super Fruit Global Blend NEW, Axion and Xyng.
Order Xyngular Ultimate Transformation w/Global Blend New as Distributor Order as Distributor
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