Xyngular Xyng – Fuel For Life: Natural Energy Booster2021-07-02T20:11:51+01:00

Xyng – Fuel For Life
Natural Energy Booster

A blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that may help boost your energy, suppress your appetite and bring about positive mental energy *

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What is Xyngular Xyng

Bad eating habits and lack of exercise is one of the main symptoms of lack of energy today. Lack of energy often makes people reach for unhealthy food and energy drinks, which beside sugars also contain other adverse substances. Xyng with its unique composition of natural plant components, minerals and vitamins is specially formulated to help improve concentration*, increase bodily energy*, improve mood*, feel more vibrant* and keep this condition during the whole day*.

Along with positive energy, Xyng can also help you reach your weight-loss goals*. Basic requirement for weight-loss is not only to eat less and more healthy, but also to get more exercise. During the day we have so many responsibilities that drain our energy that we no longer have any left for exercise which is so helpful. Thanks to Xyng you can “catch second breath” and use it for exercise which will not only shape your figure* but you will also feel better and improve your health*. Xyng could give you the energy boost and help you be more active* in your everyday life.

Xyngular Xyng - Fuel For Life: Natural Energy Booster

Xyng Benefits

A blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that may help boost your energy, suppress your appetite and bring about positive mental energy*

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  • Increased energy *
  • Enhanced thyroid function *
  • Mood enhancement *
  • Improved focus *
  • Ramped up metabolism *
  • Appetite suppression *

Xyngular Xyng Supplement Facts

Xyngular Xyng Suggested Use:

  • 1 – 2 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach
  • If well tolerated, additional capsules may be added in the afternoon between meals
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure adequate hydration
  • Do not take in the evening so that your sleep is not worsened
  • Do not take more than 4 capsules a day

Each single box contains 60 capsules of Xyng

Xyngular Xyng Ingredients:

Caffeine Anhydrous, White Willow bark extract (standardized for salicin), 5-HTP (from griffonia simplifolica seed extract), Undaria pinnatifida extract (whole plant) (10% fucoxanthin), Garcinia gambogia extract (50% hydroxycitric acid), Rhodiola root extract (3% rosavins), Panax ginseng root, Maca powder, Green tea (95% polyphenols), Black tea (98% polyphenols), Cayenne pepper (40,000 heat units), Synephrine HCl, Yohimbe (standardized to 99% yohimbine HCl), Bioperine®

Other Ingredients:

Gelatin, Magnesium, Stearate, Silica

Which Natural Dietary Fiber?

ZinoBiotic+ is a concentrated blend of 8 dietary fibers: digestion resistant starch from whole grains, inulin from chicory root, beta glucan from oats, and fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) also from chicory root and psyllium husk. We have added exactly the same dietary fibers as in LeanShake, thus providing you with two different ways of getting healthy fiber into your diet.* ZinoBiotic+ is an essential part of the Zinzino’s health protocol.

Xyngular Xyng


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Common Questions About Xyngular Xyng


I took Xyng and turned red and felt warm, almost like a rash. What is wrong?2021-07-02T17:47:11+01:00

Unless an allergy is present, this is likely the Niacin flush effect. It is a harmless effect of consuming slightly too much Niacin and typically subsides in no more than 20-30 minutes.

How much caffeine is in Xyng?2021-07-02T17:46:34+01:00

Less than 90mg.

What makes Xyng different from other energy pills?2021-07-02T17:45:55+01:00

Xyng is not your typical energy product. The unique combination of ingredients in Xyng burns fat, boosts energy, improves mood, and suppresses appetite. Xyng is truly fuel for life.

Can I take Xyng with my medication or condition?2021-07-02T17:45:16+01:00

Consult your treating physician with this question.

How do you recommend using Xyng?2021-07-02T17:44:41+01:00

We recommend consuming 1 capsule of Xyng with food, no later than 3pm. If Xyng is well tolerated then it can be consumed on an empty stomach.

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers of Xyngular products. The results are not guaranteed! Consult your physician before using any product.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.