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Natural blend for sustained energy boost, psychical performance increase and hydration. Without stimulants, gluten, non-carbonated.

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What is Xyngular Spryng

Spryng is a multipurpose natural blend, which can increase your energy* when you need it the most. Contained natural ingredients may ensure sustained energy boost*. Along with the body hydration and faster recovery* it can improve not only psychical performance, but also the immune system*. Xyngular Spryng is free of any stimulants, gluten and it is non-carbonated. One serving contains only 25 calories. It is 4 times lower when compared to the favorite beverage RedBull. That contains of as many as 110 calories.

What Makes Spryng Unique Among Other Products?

Xyngular Spryng brings together the benefits of multiple products and combine them into a single beverage in the form of soluble powder. It is the first and one of a kind product blend comprising of natural ingredients. Aside from sustainable natural energy* it can also improve mental energy* and immune system*. While boosting your physical performance*, Spryng can keep your body hydrated*. It may allow better recovery* and therefore give the body, an individual, another dimension. All of these magnificent benefits are hidden in just one small serving!

One of the best benefits the Spryng product brings may be the energy supply using no stimulants whatsoever! Palatinose, contained in the product, gets absorbed in such a way that leads to release of glucose energy at exactly the same level where fat metabolism starts. This ensures that glycogen stored in liver and muscles remains untouched. Those are the places where it is crucially needed. This process sustains continuous energy on cellular level and thus provides other benefits during the day.

Xyngular Xyng - Fuel For Life: Natural Energy Booster

Spryng Benefits

Natural blend for sustained energy boost, psychical performance increase and hydration. Without stimulants, gluten, non-carbonated

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  • Faster recovery support *
  • Organism hydration *
  • Physical performance improvement *

Xyngular Spryng Supplement Facts

Xyngular Spryng Suggested Use:

  • Mix a scoop with 12oz of water and stir well
  • Take 1 – 3 packages a day, as needed

Each single box contains 15 serving of Spryng.

Xyngular Spryng Ingredients:

Palatinose, Coconut juice (coconut water), L-Citrulline Malate, L-Glutamine, ElevATP™ ancient peat and apple extract, Ashwaganda root extract (1.5% withanolides), Alpha GPC, Co Enzyme Q10, Lycium berry 10:1 extract, Cordyceps fungi extract (7% cordyceptic acid)


Which Natural Dietary Fiber?

ZinoBiotic+ is a concentrated blend of 8 dietary fibers: digestion resistant starch from whole grains, inulin from chicory root, beta glucan from oats, and fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) also from chicory root and psyllium husk. We have added exactly the same dietary fibers as in LeanShake, thus providing you with two different ways of getting healthy fiber into your diet.* ZinoBiotic+ is an essential part of the Zinzino’s health protocol.

Xyngular Spryng


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