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Full-spectrum, Bi-level, sustained release formula for optimal health packed with vitamins, minerals, whole foods, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics* Xyngular Axion - Optimal Health Supplement

Axion is a versatile nutritional supplement with gradual releasing that provides essential nutrition for body cells. It can support the immune system*, cardiovascular health* and metabolism*. It contains a large number of vitamins, enzymes, omega fatty acids and also probiotics. All these components should help keep your body in optimal health*.

It is not important what you swallow but what you absorb. This is the reason why the gradual releasing of nutrients was developed. The “common” vitamins quickly dissolve after washing them down and will leave your body in urine without absorbing. Xyngular Axion Bi-Layer gradual releasing technology may provide you with long-term influx of nutrients that are gradually absorbed for several hours*. One layer starts to release and absorb shortly after consumption and the other one starts releasing after a few hours. Thanks to Axion Bi-Layer the body can absorb more vitamins and excrete less*.

Natural blend for sustained energy boost, psychical performance increase and hydration. Without stimulants, gluten, non-carbonated. Xyngular Spryng - Powering Your Life Naturally

Spryng is a multipurpose natural blend, which can increase your energy* when you need it the most. Contained natural ingredients may ensure sustained energy boost*. Along with the body hydration and faster recovery* it can improve not only psychical performance, but also the immune system*. Xyngular Spryng is free of any stimulants, gluten and it is non-carbonated. One serving contains only 25 calories. It is 4 times lower when compared to the favorite beverage RedBull. That contains of as many as 110 calories.

What Makes Spryng Unique Among Other Products?

Xyngular Spryng brings together the benefits of multiple products and combine them into a single beverage in the form of soluble powder. It is the first and one of a kind product blend comprising of natural ingredients. Aside from sustainable natural energy* it can also improve mental energy* and immune system*. While boosting your physical performance*, Spryng can keep your body hydrated*. It may allow better recovery* and therefore give the body, an individual, another dimension. All of these magnificent benefits are hidden in just one small serving!

One of the best benefits the Spryng product brings may be the energy supply using no stimulants whatsoever! Palatinose, contained in the product, gets absorbed in such a way that leads to release of glucose energy at exactly the same level where fat metabolism starts. This ensures that glycogen stored in liver and muscles remains untouched. Those are the places where it is crucially needed. This process sustains continuous energy on cellular level and thus provides other benefits during the day.

Nutritional drink in crystalline form that contains lots of vitamins, which can help sustain the body in active and healthy form. Xyngular Xypstix Crystals: Instant Nutritional Drink

Xypstix is a powder (instant) drink that is made of a great number of fruit. It contains for example quite known acai, blackberries, goji berries, sea buckthorn, mangosteen, but also commonly available sorts of fruit, such as strawberries, pears, plums and many others. Due to this unique composition (antioxidants from fruit and adaptogens from plants) it contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that may help support your body and keep it in shape*.

Besides that, Xypstix also contains Aloe Vera, which is known for its essential amino acids. Those are needed for regeneration of human body*. Aloe Vera alone supports for instance the digestive system*, detoxication*, immune system and healthy skin*. So what could this number of other vitamins do for our bodies that can be found in other fruit?

Xypstix is also known for the fact that it also features benefits from favorite drink Super Fruit Global Blend. If you thus take it with the drink, you can fill your body with antioxidants and have boosted immune system and increased energy*. Furthermore, it has an advantage that it is small, light and portable so you can take it virtually anywhere.

Support your relaxation with natural compounds without the feeling of exhaustion* Xyngular Xr2 - Relax and Rest

XR2 is a blend consisting of natural compounds, which can help while resting and relaxing*. This marvelous combination of natural compounds aids with relaxation of body* and soothing the mind*. With XR2 you can relax and reset and get rid of stress*. The product composition is specially formulated so that you become relaxed and rested*. The comfortable and relaxing condition XR2 brings about allows the mind and body to relax, so your sleep can really be refreshing waking*.

Xr2 Benefits May Include:

  • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety *
  • Appetite suppression and reduction in nighttime cravings *
  • Improved sleep quality *
  • Mood enhancement *
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus *

A blend of natural ingredients that may help you boost your levels of free testosterone and heighten sexual performance* Xyngular Prime - Hormone Optimizer for Man

Xyngular Prime is a premium product with an incredible array of unique and effective ingredients that can help address hormonal and sexual health issues* typically associated with male aging.

The main benefits of Prime can include increased energy*, fat loss* and improved libido*. Prime can give men's body what they need to have long-term natural energy without relaying on harmful or addictive stimulants. Men who use Xyngular Prime have experienced increased daily energy levels and reduced symptoms of fatigue associated with hormonal imbalance. Prime has also been shown to help men feel and look better*. Prime may aids men's bodies in building lean muscle* and increasing fat loss*, helping men look more trim and fit* over time.

Additionally, Prime can help men feel great by helping enhance their mood* and has even been shown to help men sleep better, improving how they feel all day long. Using all natural steroid free ingredients, Prime can effectively increase men's libido* by boosting testosterone and targeting other common male health concern associated with aging.

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