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Powerful ingredients for energy, vitality, weight loss and overall body health. Keep your body in shape.

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Xyngular Weight Loss Pack

Thanks to these special weight-loss programs you can change your body figure, reduce excess pounds and enjoy healthier & better life.*

Ignite Kit
Fat Burning System

Natural and effective weight loss program with ingredients focused to lose extra pounds in just few simple Xyngular steps.*

Xyngular ignite fat burning system
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Core4 Bundle
Natural Weight Loss

Core4 weight loss program represent a way how to boost fat burning, detoxify the organism and provide necessary nutrients.*

Core4 Bundle - Natural Weight Loss Program
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Transformation Kit

A step-by-step program, how to reduce redundant pounds, lose weight and achieve your dream figure in the weight-loss course.*

Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit
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Xyngular Energy & Vitality

Natural blends of ingredients for energy boost, improvement of concentration and performance. They can help bring about positive mental performance and comfort *

Fuel For Life

Natural ingredients for appetite suppression, increased energy, boosted metabolism and positive mood enhancement. *

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Natural Energy Power

Instant drink for energy boosting, better psychical performance, body recovery and hydration. Fast energy performance and durability. *

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Xyngular Vitamins & Nutrients

These products are full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that have beneficial effect on the human body and can help keep it in healthy condition.*

Super Fruit
Global Blend

Unique fruit drink, which can supply your body with various nutrients required for everyday functioning. Boost your immunity system. *

Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend
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Instant Drink

Instant drink with lots of vitamins and nutrients and Aloe Vera that may help sustain the body in active and healthy form.*

Xyngular Xypstix Crystals Instant Nutritional Drink
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Health Supplement

Health supplement packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics*. Powerful bilayer release.

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Xyngular Core4 Weight Loss Products

Products from Core4 program can help reduce body weight and achieve your dreamed figure. You can enjoy healthier and better life.*

Core4 – Accelerate
Metabolism Booster

Taking Accelerate can help stoke the body’s fat furnace so you can better utilize stored body fat. *

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Core4 – Cheat Plus
Calories & Cholesterol

Reduction of calories from food you eat can be easy. Get cholesterol under your control.*

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Core4 – Flush
Body Detoxification

Can help with digestion, ensure better nutrients absorption and remove toxins from the body.*

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Core4 – Lean
Nutritional Drink

Meal replacement with essential amino acids and proteins for energy and metabolism boosting.*

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