Healthy-aging formula needed to help protect your body’s cells, revitalizing their longevity and your energy levels.* Xyngular Genesis - Healthy Aging & Cellular Health Support

Xyngular Genesis delivers the entire antioxidants, vital nutrients and natural ingredients your body needs to remain healthy and active* and start protecting them* today. Genesis uses a premium formula available in either juice or capsule to send the rush of each defined nutrients through your entire body. Featuring over a dozen healthy herbs and plants Genesis also packs a delicious mix of super foods like pomegranate, red grapes and Aloe in a juice form. But the key to the Genesis healthy aging effect* is X’tranol-24, a powerful blend of nutrients and super antioxidants. This potent ingredient provides the nutrient your cells need to revitalize and support their health over time. Genesis is a proactive way to care for your cellular health today and help support healthy and graceful aging in your future. Combine Genesis with the Xyngular’s Immune to ensure whole body wellness at any stage of life.

Aging, effective life is that as we age our bodies’ cells lose the capacity to keep up with us, start to wear out and slow down. This is the process that causes aging, stress, extra weight, pollution, diet and more can all increase the rate of cellular aging making early caring maintenance essential.

Supports healthy weight loss, oral and digestive health, fights gas and bloating and helps ensure maximum absorption of all the nutrients from food*

Xyngular Xyngular Probiotix - Critical Probiotics for Your HealthProbiotix is a simple, tasty, and immediate way to provide your body with the critical probiotics it needs for your health and well-being to flourish*. Probiotix supports healthy weight loss*, oral and digestive health, fights gas and bloating*, and helps ensure maximum absorption of all the nutrients* from food and supplements you consume.

Not all bacteria are bad – did you know that your body depends on healthy bacteria in your gut, called “probiotics,” to maintain good health, support weight loss, and absorb nutrients? Unfortunately, today’s modern lifestyle and diet make it difficult to maintain healthy levels of these important bacteria, leading to digestive and immunity issues and more.

Osteo is a powerful bone building formula that’s essential to getting fit and healthy aging*

Xyngular Osteo - Support the Bones That Support YouXyngular Osteo uses a combination of several key ingredients to increase the health and strength of your bones. Osteo combines proving mineral blends to support the integrity of your skeleton* together with cutting-edge ingredients to maximize the effectiveness*.

Osteo provides a full daily dose of Calcium, the building block of your bones and contains the key ingredient Aquamin TG made from calcified mineral algae. This natural source of calcium provides a complete blend of over 70 important trace minerals, all working together to strengthen and protect your bones* and replenish mineral deposits that are lost over time. Also included in Xyngular Osteo are Vitamin K and Vitamin D to maximize the absorption of Calcium in your body.

This blend of natural ingredients combines to fight minerals deficiency and bone density lost by rapidly returning bones rebuilding materials to your blood stream. Osteo from Xyngular can be taken anytime during the day or night and pairs perfectly with Xyngular Flex to improve joints health, supporting both weight loss and healthy aging.

Immune helps your immune system perform at its peak, so you stay healthy and active all year long

Xyngular Immune - Stay Healthy and Active All Year LongXyngular Immune supports your immune system keeping you healthy and active year round*. Featuring a powerful blend of therapeutic and antioxidants rich mushrooms, Immune delivers a targeted boost to your body’s natural defenses*. These organic mushrooms are one of the top immune supporting ingredients in the industry and Immune packs in ten times the amount of other brands. Xyngular Immune also boosts energy* and makes a difference you can feel by helping increase performance and endurance*, while reducing recovery time after exercise. Immune is a simple daily step to supporting the healthy immune system* you need to stay active and healthy all year round.

Every single day your body is affected by molecules called free radicals that can be found in the food we eat, the water we drink and even in the air we breathe. These volatile molecules can damage other cells and DNA throughout your body, impacting in your good health. Your body tries to protect itself by using antioxidants, substances found in healthy foods to fight off the free radicals. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get the quantity and the variety antioxidants needed to maintain good health. That’s why Xyngular created Immune as a potent super booster for your immune system*, specifically designed to provide your body with a lot of easily absorbed antioxidants*.

Flex is a maximum-strength, joint-health supplement that helps keep your body flexible so you can stay active for life* Xyngular Flex - Keep Your Body in Motion

Xyngular Flex is designed to help keep your body flexible so you can stay active for life. Flex is a maximum strength 3in1 joint health supplement that protects and preserves delicate joint cartilage*, lubricates and nourishes connective tissues*, reduces the impact of activity-related joint inflammation*

Unlike most other joint health supplements that rely on just the one ingredient to improve joint health, Flex combines several key ingredients to protect, support, and improve key aspects of healthy joints function*.
Xyngular uses Glucosamine to support the cartilage that cushions your joints* along with Hyaluronic acid to help to lubricate and nourish the delicate connective tissues. And Flex maximizes your joint health by adding to the blend all natural Boswellia serrata, the ancient ayurveda herb, now backed by the latest studies to help fight exercise related joint inflammation.

This blend helps reduce joint inflammation associated with physical activity*, supporting your joints today and protecting them proactively. So you can stay active well into the future. Xyngular Flex is a simple daily step to care for your active joints* and support your healthy lifestyle today and as you age. Flex is a perfect complement to Osteo supporting healthy bones and joints at every stage of your life.

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