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Download Xyngular Product Overview Brochure

This handy guide provides a quick overview of each Xyngular product and Product Pack. Make sure to have this on hand at all times.

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Xyngular Product Kit Brochures

Download Ignite Weight Loss Plan

These Brochures are included in all Xyngular Kit Packages. They gives you the information you need to complete the proper body transformation. They includes a complete, easy-to-follow daily schedule.

Ultimate Transformation Kit
Business Builder Kit
Ignite Fat Burning Kit
Energy Kit
Weight Loss Kit
Wellness Kit

Xyngular Products

Download Xyngular Products Flayers

Download Xyngular Products Ingredients List
Download Xyngular Products Presentation

Download Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend

Download Xypstix - Global Blend Crystals
Download Spryng - Natural Energy Powder
Download Axion - Nutrition Probiotics
Download Xyng - Fuel 4 Life

Download Xyng Samples
Download XR2

Download CORE4 - Accelerate
Download CORE4 - Cheat
Download CORE4 - Cheat+
Download CORE4 - Flush
Download CORE4 - Lean

Xyngular Ignite and Post-Ignite Plan & Healthy Shopping List

Download Xyngular Post-Ignite Plan & Healthy Shopping List

The 4-week Post-Ignite Plan answers the question, “What do I do after I complete the 8-Day Ignite?” The Post-Ignite Plan provides a clear way to continue your weight loss, and reach your long-term goals.

The Post-Ignite Plan also includes a Healthy Shopping List, containing a variety of options to make your eating decisions easier. It comes complete with healthy options for protein, grains, vegetables, oils, seasonings, beans, fruit, drinks, sweeteners and more!

Download Post-Ignite Plan

Download Daily Ignite Schedule (Vegetarian)
Download Daily Ignite Schedule (Active)

Xyngular Business

Compensation Plan

Download Xyngular Compensation Plan

This document covers Xyngular’s simple, unique and lucrative compensation plan. The plan has no structural requirements and is volume-based. Laid out in an easy-to-understand format, this document allows you to quickly learn the 5 different ways you can get paid as a Xyngular Distributor.

Download Compensation Plan (English)
Download Compensation Plan (Spanish)
Download Compensation Plan (German)

Xyngular Passport Program

Download Xyngular Passport Program

Xyngular’s Passport Program offers amazing travel and cash rewards that are unmatched in the network marketing industry. This means more trips, more cash, and more perks for you! Best of all, qualifications are volume-based and achievable. Download this document, get to work and get rewarded…in style.

Download Passport Program (English)
Download Passport Program (Spanish)

Xyngular 72-Hour Xplosion

Download Xyngular 72-Hour Xplosion

Looking to get off to a fast start with Xyngular? This is a great place to begin. The 72-Hour Xplosion Getting Started Guide gives you a detailed road map for your first few days as a Xyngular Distributor. Use it for yourself and for all of your new enrollees!

Download 72-Hour Xplosion (English)
Download 72-Hour Xplosion (Spanish)

Xtreme Builder Challenge

Download Xyngular eXtreme Builder Challenge

Is there anything simpler than getting something really really extra just at the beginning of your journey in Xyngular? And you can be assured that it’s no change. Each distributor who begins cooperation with the company has the opportunity to get something special. A bonus of $9000.

Can you imagine a better beginning? I hardly can.

Xyngular sales are going sky high in 2011 and we want to help you motivate your new Distributors to grow with us-what better way than with some extra cash!

Download Xyngular Xtreme Builder Challenge

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Download Xyngular Getting Started Form
Download Xyngular Distributor PowerPoint Presentation

Download Xyngular Way of Health
Download Xyngular Way of Wealth
Download Xyngular Way of Life

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