Shine - Hormone Balancer for WomanThe human body depends on hormones to manage a wide variety of autonomic functions. It uses as many as 50 different “chemical messengers” to control things like hunger, body temperature, metabolism, sleep, and more. Organs like the pituitary glands, and the hormones they produce, are responsible for regulating kidney function, metabolizing sugar, stimulating bone growth, and causing contractions during childbirth.

With the endocrine system using hormones to control so many processes in the body, it’s easy to understand why an imbalance in hormone levels can create problems for bodily functions. A woman’s body, for instance, can suffer a number of unpleasant symptoms as a result of an imbalance of feminine hormones, including abnormal menstrual cycles, PMS symptoms, and decreased libido and sexual functionality.

Most efforts to manage symptoms like these do just that: manage symptoms rather than address root causes. Coffee and energy drinks have long been used in an effort to boost energy, only to deliver a crash when the caffeine wears off. Likewise, anti-PMS medications mask symptoms, only for them to return the following month. To provide a healthy, long-term option, the root cause of hormone imbalance needs to be addressed.

We created Shine hormone optimizer, designed specifically for women. Shine, when taken as directed, may help with symptoms associated with PMS in women, like bloating, cramping, pain, and irritability. It may also help support healthy libido and sexual function, allowing you to get back to the life you want.

Shine - and its counterpart, Prime, a hormone optimizer specially formulated to help men boost free testosterone levels - are some of the newest products to be offered by Xyngular to help boost health and well-being. It’s part of our continued efforts to help both men and women live the healthy and happy lives they’ve always wanted.

Below is an infographic, illustrating how Shine by Xyngular can assist you on your way to healthy living.
Xyngular's Shine Hormone Optimizer

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