What Is the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart?Your Xyngular system is designed to help you lose weight faster and take you further on your health journey.Our 8-day jumpstart, included in the Ignite and Ultimate Systems, prepares your body to start losing weight even faster. The results will speak for themselves. You’ll jumpstart your weight loss through a meal plan of wholesome foods and Xyngular products that help reset your body.

After the 8-day jumpstart is over, you’ll then move on to the remainder of the system, with a choice between a low-carb meal plan (that is similar to the jumpstart meal plan) and the keto meal plan, along with more Xyngular product to help you start strong on your weight loss journey.

Why Do I Need the Jumpstart?

The foods we eat have a huge impact on our overall health, and with all the processed food, sugar, and additives found in food, it can be all too easy to gain extra weight and develop health problems. In fact, health problems, like type 2 diabetes, joint pain, and digestive problems, can be linked to poor diet. Like a great detox, the jumpstart is designed to reset your body. A lot of the digestive issues you may deal with and the extra pounds you may carry around can start to go away with the jumpstart. Your metabolism will also reset and allow you to start losing the weight without feeling hungry. This jumpstart will get your body back on track to improving your overall health.

Strength in Building Healthy Habits

Ultimately, the 8-day jumpstart is here to help you start building the healthy habits now. Bad habits are hard to quit, and good habits can be hard to maintain. By going all out and full force with the jumpstart, you’re making your mind up to change for the better. You can become more of who you want to be through the habits you build for yourself and the 8-day jumpstart gives you the support and confidence to do so.

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