Fast Weight Loss: Is There Such a Thing?When it comes to weight loss, there is plenty of conflicting information circulating online. You want to be sure that the information you are basing your healthy lifestyle on is, in fact, accurate. The subject of rapid weight loss has been debated at great length. Learn what is factual, and what is based in myth, so that you can make the best choices for your health.

Myth: Fast weight loss is unhealthy

One of the most common myths surrounding weight loss is that rapid weight loss is automatically unhealthy. On the contrary, fast weight loss isn't unhealthy, but actually has some benefits. Jillian Michaels advocates for rapid weight loss, stating, “Dropping the pounds quickly may give you more motivation to stick to your weight-loss plan. A recent study from the University of Florida revealed that losing weight quickly in the early stages of a weight-loss program may be more beneficial, over the long term, both for losing the weight and keeping it off. The researchers found that those who lost weight quickly were five times more likely to achieve clinically significant weight loss in 18 months than those who lost weight at a slower rate. Losing weight quickly helps to reinforce that the behaviors you’re changing are working. When you can see and feel the results of your efforts, it helps to keep you motivated!”

Fast weight loss can be healthy if it is a result of positive changes in your diet and exercise. The rapid weight loss associated with these traditional methods is healthy, and can help jumpstart your efforts. Extreme diets and starvation methods, however, are unhealthy. If those are the tactics that you are using for rapid weight loss then you should seriously reconsider your goals. Using unhealthy methods to lose weight will ultimately hurt you rather than help you.

Fact: Lifestyle changes are the best method of weight loss

Whether it is fast or slow, true weight loss happens with a lifestyle change. Making changes to your diet and exercise routine is the most effective method of achieving weight loss. One very effective method of altering your diet is to reduce the number of meals you eat at a restaurant. Most restaurants have overly large portion sizes, leading to overeating. Even if you choose a restaurant with healthier selections, eating too much will derail your weight loss efforts. By choosing to cook at home more often you can better control your portion sizes, and ingredients. As an added bonus, you will also save money by cooking at home.

Swapping out snack foods can also make a difference to your waistline. Salty or sweet foods can add empty calories and set off a cycle of cravings. Swap out processed snack foods for whole foods, such as fruits, veggies, or yogurt.

You can also jump start your weight loss by adding in short, 5 minute bursts of exercise throughout the day. These short bursts bump up your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day.

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Healthy, Fast, Weight Loss

While rapid weight loss has often been criticized, when healthy tactics are used it can create a positive motivation to continue. Our team at Xyngular is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Talk to the Xyngular representative who shared this article with you to find out if the Ignite Kit is right for you.

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