Measuring Progress Beyond The ScaleAre you familiar with the saying, “The scale never lies?” With so many factors that go into body weight, this little saying is only partly true. As long as you have a properly working scale, you will find out how much you weigh, but the scale isn’t always the best way to measure weight loss results. Factors like water weight, the time of day in which you step on the scale, and even muscle gain can cause the needle to fluctuate. And when you’re trying to lose weight, watching the scale jump up and down can be a frustrating experience.

Alternate (And Healthier) Ways to Measure Weight Loss Success

In order to maintain some sanity while working toward your weight-loss goals, consider measuring your success in these three simple ways:

How To Listen To Your Body With the Xyngular SystemYour Xyngular system is designed to help you lose weight and improve your overall health in a safe way, but keep in mind, every single person is unique and may react to certain supplements or foods differently. Understanding the way your body reacts to these supplements and meal plans can help you have a more enjoyable experience with better results.

Pay Attention

Whenever you start something new, whether it be a new diet, supplement, workout routine, anything, pay attention to your body. Focus on how you feel and, if needed, make changes accordingly. You may feel great — make a note of that! You may not feel so great — note that down too. All the pieces will help you better determine what’s working and what isn’t.

What Is the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart?Your Xyngular system is designed to help you lose weight faster and take you further on your health journey.Our 8-day jumpstart, included in the Ignite and Ultimate Systems, prepares your body to start losing weight even faster. The results will speak for themselves. You’ll jumpstart your weight loss through a meal plan of wholesome foods and Xyngular products that help reset your body.

After the 8-day jumpstart is over, you’ll then move on to the remainder of the system, with a choice between a low-carb meal plan (that is similar to the jumpstart meal plan) and the keto meal plan, along with more Xyngular product to help you start strong on your weight loss journey.

Foods to Avoid While in KetosisKetosis is the key to losing weight with the keto meal plan included in your system. Getting your body into ketosis can be a little tricky and staying in it can be even more tricky, even when you’re following the plan to the T. The key is to keep your glucose levels as low as possible in order for your body to use fat stores as energy instead. If you aren’t careful with what you eat, though, you can kick yourself out of ketosis without even realizing it. If your glucose levels get too high or if you aren’t eating the right foods, you could end up using glucose as energy or even breaking down muscle as energy, and you don’t want that. Follow these tips below to make sure you don’t accidentally cut ketosis too short.

How to Use Our Products for Better Weight LossYour system comes with a number of products to improve weight loss results and better your health. These products work hand in hand with one another, as well as with your diet plan to get you well on your way to improving your overall health and shedding the added weight. The booklet found within your system gives you a daily breakdown of when to use your products as well as a product overview, so you know what each product is used for.

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